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Chris Elston

New RULE: Banning Public IPs

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REGISTERING............ We manually approved EACH account to avoid spammers. If you can not post yet, it's because we have not approved your account yet. BANNING............ We are starting to ban public internal IP schemes such as: 192.168.0.x 192.168.1.x Private IP addresses range from: - - - The reason is that SPAMMERS have found away to "spoof" there original IP address that is seen by mrplc servers. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS ACCESSING or do not have permission to post etc, this is because your IT department is spoofing your PC to hide behind a firewall and only expose your internal IP address. We believe this practice is WRONG and gives user now the ability to "hack" or "spam" without knowing who the real source is. To check your exposed IP address, use these sites: If your IP shows up as an internal IP scheme, you will NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS Sorry to be strict, but spammers can't be allowed to do this. I know this punishes people that have computer network configuration BEYOND their control, but there is nothing else we can do to help you.

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