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In-house Machines

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Recently Ive been Given the Task of Getting a list of Supplier's Together For Our wireless Network For our newly Remolded Office it Consists of 7 Machines Plus Router's / Firewall / WAP / And Wireless NIC Cards, My Quote is A Grand Total of $7,000 Yep thats with PC's and the Network,, to my Suprise my Boss wants Proprietary Machines Gateway / HP / or DELL? he doesnt want a white box Solution that can be Fixed in 10 min if a Machine goes Down. His Grand Total Thru Gateway Comes to $17,000 " yea big difference huh" Same P4 Machines Same 512MB Ram Same 20GB HD Same 19" Monitors,,BUT a $10,000 Difference. and once We get em I cant Touch em "Gateway warranty Crap" Why in gods name Did he spend 10,000 on Puttting me through all the MSCE and Tons of Allen Bradley Courses Rs-SQL Etc.. im about ready to Walk on this company and let them deal with that crap..

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