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My system : plc Q03ud , simple motion module : QD77MS4 , software : Gx works2 , Application : rotary table and unit degree

I send position and speed from HMI ( got 2000 ) , my problem is that when i want send 90 degree for position ( dmov d0 u0\g2006 ) , i have to enter the 9000000 from hmi . and for speed i have similar problem

Position hmi ( 9000000 ) ===>> motor rotate 90 degree 
Speed hmi (100000) ==>> motor rotate with 100 degree per min

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You want to enter only 90 right ?

All yuou have to do is for the numerocal input to go to the operational Tab.
Select Data operation and change the data operation to data expression.

For write multiple the Monitor device with 10000
For Monitor divide with the same value 


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