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I have 3G3MX2 (used and factory reseted ) with CX-DRIVE ( new ) and a test motor almost new connected to MX2.

Usb automatic detection work as MX2 drive is Online.

i have no "failure message" all seem OK, but... autotune is still Grey.


is it a Failure, or did i miss a tricky "deep reset" ??


pse help.


[ Operating System ]
Microsoft Home Premium Edition, 64-bit (build 9200)
.NET CLR 4.0.30319.42000

[ CX-Drive ]
Common Components version:
Version de la base de données: 16.17
CX-Server Version :   5.0

mercredi 24 mai, 2023 09:16


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IF you just plug in a drive to your computer and think you can program it its wrong , i am missing a lot of steps like change the vaule of  A17 to 1.

could you be more precise what you did. Also you need to power cycle for sometimes for changes to take effect.   

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Tks Mike for fast answer,


I just plug in the drive to computer ( and a motor to the drive ), click Drive / AutoDetect it work

then i expected to run "autotune" ( in case of failure, a wizard  may have request me to input "motor details" )

As you suggest : Not that simple.


So i try to reset the drive to factory default => Nop

I set A017 to 1 => Nop

i tought my motor was gone, so i check


Trick was to un-install CX-DRIVE from French and re-install in English

so i can read full messages inside Popup box.

like please set A001 to 3 and A002 to 3


Now the drive and the motor talk start and stop like expected


Motor OK, Drive OK, Cx-drive OK

once hardware is good, real play can start





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