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First I have to says that I'm not familiar with Mitsubishi's Hmis cause this brand is not so common im my country.

So I have made a backup of a GOT1000 Hmi (GT15) with GT Designer 2. When I uploaded the project, software warned me that the version of project was 2.111 and my GT designer version is 2.90.
Anyway, upload was ok eventually and I got the whole project. Is there any known issue with this difference of versions. In other words, if I download this project to a backup panel will it work properly ?

In addition we have made a backup on a CF card formatted with the hmi . Can I copy those files on a server and eventually put it on another CF card for future restoration or should I necessarily use the original backup made from the panel ?

Thanks for answers


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You probably won't run into any issues with regards to the version difference but the version of the os of the GT15 and the GT designer version should be the same.

With the GT2000 series this is done automatically but with the 1000 series this is a manual download.

You can boot from CF card if you want.

As the GT000 series is pretty old you could exchange it for a GT2000 it's a 1:1 exchange so you shouldn't run into any difficulties.
Which controller is it connected to could be e.o.l. as well.



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