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B&R PLC 2005

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   can you help me with B&R PLC version 2005  - 3IF260.60-1. We have trouble with this PLC. We bought another PLC, bud we need  move PLC code from old PLC to new PLC.

  How is possible move binary code? ... we don't have source file code :( This model of PLC unfortunetly doesn't have CF card :(


  Thank you for help.

   Best regards 



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I know this is from a while ago, but I had to do this recently and made notes, and thought it might help someone

Use these at your own risk, but if you do try it and find any improvements, please add to / edit the list



We used Automation Studio 2.7, but the instructions should work for 2.4 and 2.5 as well

It is possible with PG2000 (DOS version), but it doesn’t seem very reliable or easy to do

  1. Make a new project

  2. Add a temporary cyclic object to the project and save it. This will be deleted later, so call it tmp or something that is not already used in the PLC

  3. Go online to the PLC (Tools, Options, select serial interface)

  4. On the tool bar, click the magnifying glass

  5. Take a screen shot of the tasks in the PLC

  6. Click the magnifying glass again to stop online display

  7. Click Tools, PVI Transfer tool

  8. In Runtime Utility Center, click Create, modify and execute projects (.pil)

  9. In Runtime Utility Center toolbar, click New

  10. Expand Connection in tree and double-click Connection

  11. Set to correct com port and click OK

  12. Expand Module Functions and double click Upload

  13. Enter name of first cyclic module from screenshot

  14. Browse to correct location in your new project

  15. Click OK

  16. Click Execute (Green triangle on tool bar)

  17. Selected module should be uploaded

  18. Repeat from 13 by double clicking the Upload line in the instruction list and editing until you have all the cyclic modules – don’t do system modules

  19. Close Runtime Utility Center

  20. In automation studio, click magnifying glass again

  21. You should see all the cyclic objects matching

  22. Right-click each system module in turn and click upload

  23. Click the magnifying glass again to stop the online display

  24. Delete the temporary cyclic object you created in 2

  25. You now should have a complete project

  26. Connect to new PLC and try to download

  27. Select ignore mismatch of Automation Runtime versions

  28. Some of the system modules may have incorrect memory type selected, so watch for errors when you download – you may need to change some manually from System ROM to User ROM

I seem to remember that the task class cycle times are not displayed anywhere or uploaded, so some guesswork might be needed there to get everything working correctly

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