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Hi everyone!

The company i work for, decided to make all the future machine PackML complaint, and i have to do that, For the last 2 months I'm reading about PackML and how to implement it, and i have more questions then answers....I explained to the boss that i need training to put in order all information i got from documentations. He agree but i have to find the training courses.

Does anyone made any PackML program. Does anyone know a good training courses for PackML, but not the one who made PackML FB and teaching you haw to use it like Yaskawa for example. The idea is at the end - i have to be able to make my own FB to apply PackML standard to any machine we produce.

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Do you have read this manual : W22I-E-01 PackML Support Library Implementation Guide?
The library is "OmronLib_PackML30V1_0.slr".


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