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HMI pages layer in layer

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Hi guys.

I have a question, with HMI pages.

I have to make 20 pages 3 times. Its kind of like layer in layer. At the and of the layers always there are only 2 choices. But ofc course its important the route like what the choose, and what is the order. Like we have to detect lets say first layer page2 second layer page13 third layer is page5 and then we choose the first choice. But if the order is different we have to get a different input from the choice1, like we need different address.

I could do that if I make ton of pages, but its sounds crazy. A lot of permutation. (20*20*20*2)

I attached a picture maybe its easier to understand if Im not explained well.

I am using AB control logix PLC, with logix 5000 software.

Do have someone a good and quicker idea, to solve this problem. 

Thanks ahead.

Any idea is highly appriciated.




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Let's see if I can explain this.  

Create a single LINT {64 bit Integer} named ChoiceResult.

Before starting a browse set ChoiceResult to zero.

Then when Layer1Page1 is selected latch ChoiceResult.0 true or if Layer1Page20 is selected latch ChoiceResult.19.

Then Layer2Page1 would latch ChoiceResult.20 or Layer2Page20 would latch ChoiceResult.39.

The Layer3 pages latch ChoiceResult.40 through ChoiceResult.59.

The final two choices latch ChoiceResult.60 or ChoiceResult.61.

Of course you have 2^61 possible numbers this will produce.


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