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This is a multiple part question...

1.  How is everyone doing their recipe screens? Currently I have a Product_Matrix, that is indexed through a piloted list on the HMI, which is connected to a Matrix_Pilot_Number. That Pilot Number points to the specific entry in the Matrix array.  I have the Current_Model, which is whatever has been selected out of the Product_Matrix.  The Current_Model can be altered but doesn't affect the Matrix until it has been saved (usually by an elevated User Level).

2. Is there a way to import/export recipes into the system with an xml (or some type) of file? It could be either sending a file or an email that the PLC looks for, or inserting a USB into the PV and hitting an import button.  This would be very helpful for customers who have multiple parameters and are wanting to set up a new product.

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I have often used a UDT named Recipe which included elements for Name and IDNum.

I would then create an RecipeArray of Recipe Elements.

Then using the piloted list on the HMI I could load from RecipeArray to CurrentRecipe and save with elevated permissions.

Using DDE or OPC I could pull the entire array into an Excel Sheet or SQL DB and mainpulate that way and then download.

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