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Peter SD

NJ501 cx-Supervisor Not updating points

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Hi All,

Cx-Supervisor, NJ501-1340, Sysmac Gateway.

I have been writing an update for a project and converting to this new controller.
It's a pretty big project.

Using a combination of Ladder and ST.
Using Cx-Supervisor 3.5.

I created some new Variables in Studio and made them Publish only.
Started to create Points in Supervisor and made them I/O connected to the variables in Studio. No problems everything was connecting and working just fine.

Then one of the points would not update. I could change it in the PLC and it would not change On the HMI.
I deleted it and recreated it and it did the same thing. (sometimes points in Supervisor just stop working and recreating them fixes it).
I then copied the control and pasted the old point into it and it did the same. Then other started to fail. Showing no reaction.

I stopped the gateway and restarted, no help, I rebuilt the HMI, nope.

The can check the tags in Sysmac gateway and they always change when the PLC changes but not the HMI.
I checked the point maintenance in Supervisor and it would not change.

I dumped all the affected variable in the PLC and in the HMI and recreated them. Then it got stranger.
I could change some on the HMI and it would show in the PLC but not the other way.

This is on Bools and UINTS.

Stopped CX-server, tried using it with Win8 compatibility. nope.

Pulling my hair out now. I should be coding but I'm trying to get the apps to work.

Any ideas will be used with thanks.


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