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Hi Everyone,

I have a small project where I need to detect temperature and smoke using Allen Bradley Micro820 PLC and send email when the temp is above or below a set limit. And since I'm new to PLC world I'm not quite sure which sensors would work with my plc model. It would be really helpful if anyone could guide me through and suggest any sensors appropriate for temperature (surrounding temp not liquid temp) and smoke. 

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If this is fire detection, a real fire detection system would use flame detection, fairly sophisticated multiband flame sensors with a corresponding price, and fault tolerancy logic.

For your described requirements.

- for temperature use an RTD or thermocouple sensor, either of which need a special, corresponding analog input, or a 'transmitter' that converts the raw sensor signal to a proportional 4-20mA output (4-20mA input is common PLCs).   Be aware that either senses only the temperature at the tip of the sensor, neither is an area sensor.

For smoke detection, there are commercial smoke detectors that have a relay output that you tie into a PLC digital input.  Find one with a search engine. 

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