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Looking for Windows driver for Prodigy PC/104 Motion Card

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I have bought an used Prodigy PC/104 Motion Card (from y 2006) that connects to x86 PC via PC/100 connector ISA bus. From the Prodigy website I have downloaded all example software sources and driver packages but I didn't find the driver for PC/100 ISA. I contacted Prodigy support but they refused to share the old driver package since they no longer support old PC/100 ISA based cards.

In the C-Motion example software source there is a comment that refers to Windows 2000/XP/7 kernel mode driver PMDMCG2.sys and application PMDBoardSetup.exe that is used to configure the driver ISA card address.

So I was wondering if anyone in the forum may have some original driver installation package from Prodigy that someone can share?



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