A2ASCPU network module exchange (coax->tp).

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Currently have a A1SJ71E71-B2-S3 in the system for coaxial (thin) ethernet (10BASE-2), it's connected to a conversion module for TP-cable and from that then to a PC with plain TP network card. 
I was thinking about getting an A1SJ71E71N3-T to replace it and that way get rid of the converter from coax to TP.

I wonder if it's possible to just have it hooked directly to the computer without hub - if I need a hub there's really no point in swapping - as there's still another thing between the computer and the PLC system that can cause problems. I was looking through the manual at mitsubiSIH.com and they seem to think they are connected to large nets with a bunch of hubs, PLC systems and computers.

Appreciate thoughts and help. 

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You can connect it with just a cable but you will need an ethernet cross cable. I doubt the older ones have switching.

But the AnS series is no longer supported. you should think about upgrading to an system Q or iQ-R (maybe FX5)


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