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Fanuc Robot Point Touch-Up

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Is there a way to see the position of a point. 

The situation is I'm currently on assignment (as maintenance) in a plant that failed to use Position Registers and instead used Points ex p4 instead of pr4. I will probably have to touch up one of the points, and have only touch up position register not an actual point. The biggest issue is that I can't simply move to the desired point and press touch-up. because it is setting the part down on a c/v that is moving and its setting a lawn mower engine on it so there is a hole that the crankshaft has to set in. If it was a position register I would just click position for that position register then change y axis from 180 to 181 (or whatever that is just an example), but since it isn't a position register. So i'm not 100% sure on the best way to adjust it.


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