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It's my firt time with a Mitsubishi PLC/HMI. And while I at least think I know what I'm doing there (for now) wanted to ask for something "quality of life".

It seems, that I can't import my Global Labels from GX Works2 to Designer3 if they are structred! (meaning, you have to go to "Detailed Settings" to set the Device).

Of course I could it manually; but that would be quite some work... is there a better way to get the "device connection" in my HMI Labels?

Or other ideas?
Would love to hear them!


Don't know if important: PLC: MELSEC Q00UJ, HMI: MELSEC GS2107-WTBD-N

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When bringing labels from GX Works to GT Designer, I have always done the following and have never had an issue.

In GX Works 2 Right Click on the global label tab in PLC Navigation Tab then click "Write to CSV File".

Then go to GT Designer and Export the empty Label Group 

Then Copy and Paste the information from the PLC File to the GOT File (Copy it over one Column at a time and paste it in the corresponding column)

Then go back to GT Designer and import that file

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Sorry, didn't react to that...

Well, Designer has the option to select GX Works2 as the source and can handle the Export-Files! No c+p there. 
... but only if they are "simple Type". Here an example of the .csv:

"Class"	"Label Name"	"Data Type"	"Constant"	"Device"	"Address"	"Comment"	"Remark"	"Relation with System Label"	"System Label Name"	"Attribute"
"VAR_GLOBAL"	"AP01_SK_Start"	"BOOL"	""	"M300"	"%MX0.300"	""	""	""	""	"" 
"VAR_GLOBAL"	"AP01_Zylinder"	"ARRAY [0..19] OF Zyl_Struct"	""	""	""	""	""	""	""	""

First line is a "bool" and has the Device there. Second is an Array of a structured data. Device is missing. The import can only handle the "bool". 

For now I do it manually... luckily I basically only have Bits in one of the Structs, so I do an "array of bool" in the HMI and select it directly. Works! Nice! Not good looking though...

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