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Hi Everyone.


I have been tasked with changing out an older Flex Drive servo drive to a more modern Micro Flex drive in a machine that has an Omron CQM1H-CPU51 PLC.  I'm having a few issues but hope that i can gain some clarity around at least one of the hurdles Im facing from here.

Biggest issue for me at this moment is My work hasn't yet purchased a programming lead for this PLC (or even the bits required to make one myself) but i have a feeling the control for the Servo is done via motion control in the PLC.  Question here is, if changing from one servo drive to another type, will the motion control code need to be updated to work with the new servo drive?  I have very limited experience with motion control itself at this stage so I'm a bit lost when it comes to these sort of details.



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There are many ways to control a servo. The schematics would tell you a lot. Also look at the physical connections.

Is it using serial communications? Does the CQM1H have any special modules? (Analog, communications, high speed output?)

To do a 'drop in' replacement would really depend upon the specifications of the drives.

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Sounds like baldor/ABB drive upgrade? As IO_Rack has said, what modules are on the PLC rack.?

you shouldn’t need to access the PLC if just doing a drive upgrade, as long as you can get the config/setup from the current flex drive. From there, it should be just autotune & go.


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