Are the ESI files in the Omron web outdated?

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Im trying to integrate the Omron Nx-ID3444 terminal with the TwinCAT software via EtherCAT, connecting the teminal to a ECC-202 coupler and it to a PC runing TwinCAT, the problems come when using the terminal timestamp whrn the digital input change. The bit input change is detected perfectly but the timestamp corresponding to said bit is always 0, I've been talking to Beckhoff and they tell me that the descriptors on their web might not be in the last version, have you experienced anything similar? I link the files for you to compare

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Sysmac Studio will always contain the latest EDS and ESI file in its internal directory. I would get it from there -

C:\Program Files\OMRON\Sysmac Studio\IODeviceProfiles\EsiFiles\SystemEsiFiles


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