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I am trying to get a G9SP taking over serial to a NX1P2 using a NX1W-CIF01.  I have the details in Manual P545-E1 and it uses a example file which i am unable to locate


I have got the coms working with a CP1L using the example in Manual Z922-E1.  I was wondering if anyone has the example file or a working example they can share for Sysmac Studio. The serial comms will take a little bit to get going but it is the code for the checksum for the sending data that i would rather not have to translate from CX Programer fort he CP1L to Sysmac Studio......



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I have managed to write to the G9SP and am now working on reading from it.  Once i have the reading working i will tidy up the code and load my example.

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I have managed to get a rough/crude programing working. 

There is error checking to add, card status before sending etc.along with tiding up.  This was just to test that this concept worked so in the future this will be an option for our machine upgrades to keep a G9SP and use an NX1P2.  I will carry out the code tidy up when the project kicks off later in the year.

I had a simple program in my G9SP that looked at the Optional Communication Transmission Data with the first bit turning off and output and the 2nd bit turning on an output.

Any suggestions for error checking etc would be welcomed.  I will chase my Omron support to see if they can find the sample file or similar.



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