Alarm display (user) with slider using GT Designer 3

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Good morning experts,

i have a little problem with a Alarm display (user) and i hope with your huge experience you will may help me. Thank you very much in advance

 Let me explain best.

I would like use a slider to control a Alarm display (user), i tried to do it, but the slider doesn't scroll up/ scroll down like i will want. It doesn't scrolling through the pages and it heighlights just some alarm.

Could you give me a bit advice, please? 

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Does it have to be a slider ? or would 4 buttons do ? one for scrolling the page up en one for a row up and vice versa

You would need create multi functions switches. 

button 1. Key code FFB1 and FFB2

Button 2 Key code FFB0 and FFB2

button 3. Key code FFB1 and FFB3

Button 4 Key code FFB0 and FFB3

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