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Currently have NX PLC setup as an OPC UA server and an OPC client setup and communicating.  The issue is only tags that do not have a Data Type are showing up in the OPC client.  I have 2 separate OPC softwares connected to this plc through OPC UA and both are having same issue.  If I setup the OPC as a polling service, then all the tags show up as expected.  Does anyone know if this is a known issue with Omron and their OPC UA server, or is there something that I am doing incorrectly (possibly a setting within Omron that I am not aware of)?

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You cant create a tag with no datatype so I don't follow... Do you mean the client isn't detecting the datatype?

There are no issues with the OPCUA implementation, limitations perhaps. The biggest limitation is the inability to make structures available on OPC. Only primary datatypes and arrays of them.

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