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Elliot K

CPU 14021304

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We are using a Quantum 16 Slot Rack and have repurposed it for a RIO on an existing Line.  Currently the line is being run by a CPU 14021304 Quantum Processor we have setup the new I/O Rack on the on the Coxial network and the modules via the traffic cop appear to be configured correctly no errors and the rest of the line is running with out issue though we are not using the remote I/O rack discrete I/O in the line as of yet.  We set addressing of individual I/O and there appears to be no issues.  I have 4, 32bit 24V Input modules where the addressed bits are picked up but the discrete Input channel does not have 24V on the input for that correlated address/register.  My thought is I have to have 2 different I/O modules or even a Panelmate Pro I/O addresses/registers configured for the same addresses and that these bits in my code are showing picked up because that address is being used elsewhere on the line.  I have went through code before and didn't find an issue.  But I am most certainly capable of mistakes.  Is my thought correct or could it be a hardware problem?



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