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Citect Scada report according to time

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Hello Everyone,

I am working on reports in Vijeo Citect V7.40. I want to generate a report whenever I press the button. I am able to generate it according to date like making a Cicode file and adding the form, whenever I press the button form will open to give me the option to select the date. Similarly, I am trying to make a form for a time also. Can someone guide me on how to do this?

STRING sdate,edate,Em,D,M,Y;
        D = DateDay(TimeCurrent());
         M = DateMonth(TimeCurrent());
         Y = DateYear(TimeCurrent(),1);
        sdate= "Start Date";
        edate= "End Date";
        INT hChannel_M;
        FormNew("Select Report date..",38,2,16);
        FormInput(20,0,"DD-MM-YYYY Format",Em,20);
        D = DateDay(TimeCurrent());
         M = DateMonth(TimeCurrent());
         Y = DateYear(TimeCurrent(),1);
        FormComboBox(2 ,0, 15, 6, sDate, 1);
        FormAddList(D + "-" + M + "-" + Y);            
        FormButton(8 ,1 ,"Select",0, 1);
        FormButton(16 ,1 ,"Cancel",0, 2);

        D = DateDay(StrToDate(sdate));  //DateAdd Will convert only when the date is in System Date Format
         M = DateMonth(StrToDate(sdate));
         Y = DateYear(StrToDate(sdate),1);
        START_DATE_TIME = Y + "-" + M + "-" + D;            
        D = DateDay(DateAdd(StrToDate(sdate),86400));  //DateAdd Will convert only when the date is in System Date Format
         M = DateMonth(DateAdd(StrToDate(sdate),86400));
         Y = DateYear(DateAdd(StrToDate(sdate),86400),1);
        END_DATE_TIME =  Y + "-" + M + "-" + D;            
        VbCallRun(VbCallOpen("GetRep", START_DATE_TIME, END_DATE_TIME));
This is my code for date selection.

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