Remote I/O for R32CPU or R32ENCPU

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I would like to know the best option for adding remote I/O stations to either the R32CPU or R32ENCPU.

I like the look of the Mitsubishi NZ2FT / Weidmuller u-remote slice I/O. I believe they are the same product. There are CC-Link IE TSN network couplers for these systems. Would either of these be a good choice?

I see the R32CPU has a port supporting CC-Link IE Field Basic. Can I communicate with CC-Link IE TSN devices using this port?

The R32ENCPU add a couple of ports which can support regular TCP/IP communications, CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Control. Do these ports also support communications with CC-Link IE TSN devices? Is there a difference between CC-Link IE Field Basic and CC-Link IE Field?


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NZ2FT is CC link IE TSN communication and a very good option.
For CC link IE TSN you will need a master module for the main PLC. -> RJ71GN11-T2
The TSN networking is IP based and build on the latest IEEE standards. The benefit is you can also run different kind of protocols on the network cable without any influence on the Real-time structure of TSN.  Running different protocols on the same network is not possible for IE Field or Control.

It using different protocols is no issue IE Field would be a wise choice. 
If you want to use the build in Ethernet port of the R32EN CPU it is a good option to use the RJ72GF15-T2 head station. The same backplane and option cards can be used as in the main PLC. Perfect for spare parts / maintenance issue's 

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Very useful information. Thank you very much.

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