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Hello all,

I'm having problem with our FX5U Ethernet connection. We're having 3 identical PLC which connected through LAN cables. PLC 1 (Unpassive-TCP), PLC 2 (Active -Active -TCP), PLC 3 (Unpassive -TCP). I'm trying to change PLC 1 ethernet connection from Unpassive to SLMP, but it's not working. Later I reload backup program fully to PLC 1. Unfortunately connection from PLC1 to PLC 2 was giving error after re loading. While from PLC2 to PLC3 without any problem. Program verification between Backup and PLC give me Device Memory error. When I test PLC function all working (all equipment running), only communication from PLC 1 to PLC 2 can't estabilished. Any suggestion please ?

Thank you

PS. I can't upload any files (There was a problem processing uploaded file)I hope my explanation above understandable

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You changed the comms from active to unpassive so who would be maknig the connection?

Also you can exchange data between the PLC's via Simple PLC communication which is much easier.



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Hi Gambit.
Thank you for your response. 
Originally all connection made by OEM. I was the one that make changes from upassive to SLMP, but it wasn't work. So I decided to returned back to original state as Unpassive. But when I load the back up (which I download before I do changes), connection was error. Indicated on HMI. I'm yet to try for all PLC'S.

Yes, I'm agree if SLMP is easier. Because we want to pull data from PLC to our cloud.

This is my first time to use FX5U. Not that much familiar.  
Still need some input on this forums how can I restore back my connection. 


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