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License Studio 5000

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At my company we use Cx-programmer for a lot of PLC.

1 license for multiple computer !! 

Unfortunatly, manufacturer of new machine don't use Omron Anymore.

We have now around 4-5 controllogix.

here is my question ;

Is it possible to connect multiple user on the same studio 5000 license ? 

We have shi*ty laptop ; so

is there a way to Create a "Server" to connect all my laptop to use the license ( multiple user at the same time)

I know it doesn't work with windows Server ; the first to connect get the license.

Is it possible to create a vm with the license , copy it (let say twice) and run the 2 copy on the same desktop,

and then connect laptop to a copy of this vm ? (via vnc or ...)


i have to copy the vm on each laptop.(like i said ; we have sh*ty laptop).



Yes i have the full license (11K CAN$)

Yes i have the Code Meter Dongle

we use Thinkpad E575 (laptop)

PLCS : Control logix 1756-XXXX 


Thanks !





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Not simultaneously, no.  Rockwell's licensing technology has hooks in Remote Desktop to enforce license counting on Windows servers/terminal servers.  VNC can only support one user at a time--or same shared desktop.  You can install a license on a network server for access from multiple computers on the network, but it is a "checkout" process for one user at a time.

When set up that way, multiple-user licenses are available at small increments over a single user.  I'm an integrator, so pricing is different (and licenses expire every year for us), but you can expect a 5-user license to be ~ 2x the single user.

IIRC, my Omron Sysmac Studio license is single-user, too.  It may be possible to duplicate, but I don't think it is legal.

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Rockwell licenses can be hosted on a single PC that other users can reach via the network. The PCs need to be able to ping each other, then the borrowing PC has the host PC's IP address set as a location in their FT Activation Manager. As each person needs a license, their PC grabs it and uses it. Once they're done with the software, the license becomes available for others to use. I know that they have been making changes to their licensing structure, so you'd have to reach out to your local distributor for pricing on multiple seats and see what arrangement makes the most sense for you. You may be able to share 3 seats among 5 people for example.

Be aware, though, that you may  need some changes to your corporate IT policies. At my previous location, we were sharing an expansion pack license and one of our RSLogix 5 licenses with no issues. At my new location, license sharing triggers our firewall software (same software as the previous location but apparently with different settings) and doesn't work. If your PCs can ping each other but can't share licenses, talk to your IT group to make sure the firewall is configured to allow it.

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