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NB POP-Up Screen Triggered from PLC. Possible?

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Anyway to (short of using a macro) to trigger a POP-UP screen on a NB series HMI from simple PLC logic? I see a PLC control in NB designer that can be used to open screens. But nothing to trigger a Pop-Up. Can someone kindly explain OMRON's NB Pop-Up 101 to me? The philosophy behind most pop-up are is to inform an end user when the system needs them to attend to a situation. Not for them to launch the pop-up by pressing a button to get told that he/she  needs to work OT. More than likely, he/she is not going to press that trigger for the pop-up button before walking out the door, regardless of the smoke coming out of the control cabinet. 

What am I missing or not understanding about the intended implementation of this functionality?



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