need SLC Logistics Revision 2.09

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I have some files from an SLC 150 that I need to recover the logic from. The problem is that I do not have the .150 files(to use PCIS.EXE). the files I have are .SLR,.SLT,.SLX,.SLC,.SLD.SLF,.SLP file types.

From my research, these files are meant to work with a program called  SLC Logistics. I need to get a copy of this program if someone can send it to me.

I am interested with anyone who knows how to pull the PLC logic from these file types.   I have used the utility SLC2DB to convert the rung,bit, and page files. This helped but it basically just got me the documentation. I still need to get the logic.

you can see my other post here https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/41174-slc-150-program-read-need-pcisexe/

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I have SLC Logistics, but it is still copyrighted software. Can you zip the files and post it here? If the software still runs, I can generate a pdf printout for you.

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