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Issue Connecting to PLC through C-Link Network

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I'm trying to connect to a remote PLC from a remote PLC. I have issues using ethernet but have no issue using a USB cable. Lets call PLC 1(CJ2M-CPU35) is the one I'm connected to and I'm trying to reach PLC 2(CS1H-CPU65H) for remote ladder monitoring. I am connected to the built in ethernet port on PLC1 with my computer. On PLC1 rack is a controller link card that is on network 30 and connects to a controller link card on PLC 2. I drew out the network in a simple form in attached capture.jpg. I open PLC 1 program in CX-programmer and insert and PLC in the project workspace on the left. I enter the settings for PLC 2 Device type and on Network type I select PLC1. In settings for FINS Source I use Network 1 and for FINS Destination I use network 30 and node 6. I try to go online and I can never go online. I can go into CX-Integrator and pull up my network for network 30. I see 6 nodes attached to network 30 which is correct but they all say UnknownDevice. Also I get error messages(reference image 6024 and 6025). 

Now if I use a USB cable directly to PLC1 and set up using Toolbus(USB) for FINS network 1 and node 1. And add PLC2 using FINS network 30 and node 6. This combination works fine for me, in CX-integrator all models of node on the network show up with model numbers and no errors(reference image 6027 and 6028). I can go online with PLC 2 while physically connected to PLC1.


I've tried using EtherNet/IP cards also on PLC1 and still can't connect. I just can't seem to get ethernet to work. I attached the routing table for PLC1 (image 6026) for reference.


Any help is appreciated thanks.









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