Mitsubishi GX Works2 error with online program change

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I am trying to online edit a program in a MELSEC QCPU, using GX Works2, but I keep getting this error "A file which does not exist in the PLC was specified" <ES:010a4022>

Few weeks ago I had just online edited the same program in the same PLC with the same steps with no problem. There had been no changes to the PLC after that. Just all a sudden when I try to edit yesterday I get this error. Not an expert in Mitsubishi, just started learning the basics.

Connection to PLC is by USB cable.

Steps I followed to connect to PLC:

   -Online > Read from PLC

   -Select PLC Series: QCPU (Q mode)

   -Select PLC side I/F Serial Setting: Serial USB

   -Select all target program to Read, then Execute

I am editing the file that I had just read from PLC

Steps I followed to online edit:

   -Online > Monitor > Monitor (Write mode)

   -Execute the function below when mode is changed: Checked all

   -Edit the program (basically just deleted one -||- contact and drew back the line)

   -Compile > Online Program Change

Then Bam! error get! "A file which does not exist in the PLC was specified" <ES:010a4022>

I had tried Verify with PLC, but all results match.

Is there something I am missing? Help much appreciated!

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