Mitsubishi PLC communication with simulation program

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Is there any possibility to connect a Mitsubishi PLC to a program like Siemens Plant Simulation?

With Siemens PLC I can do it through OPC UA protocol, or Shared Memory with SIMIT, or stuff like that.

But I would need to do it also with Mitsubishi PLC. Can I use for example OPC Server? I couldn't find out, if Mitsubishi PLC-s have that function built-in.

(I have a L02 and a FX3S COU, either of them would be great.)

Thank you!

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The iQ-R and the FX5 CPU's have an OPC UA module. 
For all other PLC's you need to use the windows version of the OPC UA or use a module like the IBH Softec OPC UA.

Never connected it to Siemens Plant Simulation though !!!


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