Conect to NPX1P2 using Ethernet/IP in C#

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Hi all,

First i apologise for my english, but it's not my main language.

I am very new at this world so sorry if my question is too newbie but i have been for several hours trying to get some data from an Omrom NPX1P2 DT-100 using Ethernet/IP and now i am a bit desperate.

I am trying to connect this PLC using a C# Library provided by steffan rossman and it seems to be very easy,  i can manage to connect it but every try i do to request data it fails.

As i can see there are several ways to get the data, for example:


EEIPClient eeipClient = new EEIPClient();

            //Register Session (Wago-Device 750-352 IP-Address:
            //we use the Standard Port for Ethernet/IP TCP-connections 0xAF12

            //Get the State of Analog Inputs According to the Manual
            //Instance 0x6D of the Assembly Object contains the Analog Input data
            //The Documentation can be found at: http://www.wago.de/download.esm?file=%5Cdownload%5C00368362_0.pdf&name=m07500352_xxxxxxxx_0en.pdf
            //Page 202 shows the documentation for instance 6D hex
            byte[] analogInputs = eeipClient.AssemblyObject.getInstance(0x6D);

            Console.WriteLine("Temperature of Analog Input 1: " + (EEIPClient.ToUshort(new byte[] { analogInputs[0], analogInputs[1] }) / 10.0) + "°C");
            Console.WriteLine("Temperature of Analog Input 2: " + (EEIPClient.ToUshort(new byte[] { analogInputs[2], analogInputs[3] }) / 10.0) + "°C");
            //When done, we unregister the session

As you can see in this code the only information needed to connect os the instance, for that wago plc it's 6D, but i can't find any documentation to know what is the instance for the NPX1P2 DT-1400


Another way to get that information, as far i can see, is the following:


EEIPClient eeipClient = new EEIPClient();
            eeipClient.IPAddress = "";
            byte[] response = eeipClient.GetAttributeSingle(0x66, 1, 0x325);
            Console.WriteLine("Current Value Sensor 1: " + (response[1] * 255 + response[0]).ToString());
            response = eeipClient.GetAttributeSingle(0x66, 2, 0x325);
            Console.WriteLine("Current Value Sensor 2: " + (response[1] * 255 + response[0]).ToString());

In this example the function GetAttributeSinglec(ClassID, instanceID, attributeID) i need the ClassID, wich i don't know what is, the instanceID, i think in my case is 100, and the attributeID wich i don't know what is or where to define.

If someone could help me about how to request data it will be very appreciated.

Thx in advance



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