Help for CX Programmer Connection to a CQM1H-CPU61

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Dear Forum,

Recently, i needed to upload the PLC program and the configuration from an OMRON PLC CQM1H-CPU61. I used the program CX Programmer V9.5. My PLC is shown bellow:


In the connection instructions i found that i can connect to the RS232 port and communicate with the PLC directly (Method D Shown Bellow).


Do i  need specific cables? If yes, please refer them. I tried with the Prolific RS232 to USB Adapter , but with no results.

Thank you in advance.


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Thank you for your answer! I will create my own cable depending on this pdf!

Can i use CX - Programmer for uploading the configuration of the CPU? I go online like the picture bellow?


Do i need to configure any communication settings?




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Using Direct Online, the computer will work through the different comm settings until it connects.

You should not need to configure the settings.


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