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In the NB and NS screens there was the ability to have a multi function button operating as a button and as a data lamp in the NA screen there does not seem to be this function or am i missing something?

I can't create a button with more than two feedback states by the look of it and I can't add a variable to a datalamp.


ultimately I'm after the following for example :

No image or colour (shows valve is offline)
red open
green closed
blue opening
orange closing
yellow open fault
purple close fault.

Flashing to show it is in manual mode (in any of the above states)

touch indication to my plc







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I'm afraid I'm not much help but I will share your pain as I have encountered the same problem.

I'm sure this is possible if create a custom control. I've been interested in doing this myself but I haven't found the time. There is a French site that has shared IAGs. I don't have the link but I've seen it in these forums.

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You should be able to draw a button with transparent color and no border and place it on top of a data lamp.

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I am no expert on this, but if I had to create something like that, I would create an IAG for it along the following lines:

Lamps: Create a bit lamp for each option. Set the OFF colour to be transparent, and the ON colour to whatever it needs to be

Background: Create a shape the same size and shape as the lamps. It is to the the OFF colour.

Manual Flashing: Create another the same size and shape as the lamps. It is to be the OFF colour and have 2 animations. 1 animation causes the shape to blink (with a transparent blink colour), the other triggers it's visibility. Both will use the "Manual Mode" bit as their trigger.

Button: Create a button the same size and shape as the lamps. It is to be fully transparent.

With all the above, you want to overlay everything in such a way that the Background is at the back, Lamps are next, Manual Flashing on top of the lamps, and Button on top of the whole thing. I haven't actually made what you are needing, so it might need some tweaking to get it right (kinda going off memory atm lol). The theory being that because all the lamps are transparent when off, any lamp can display. The manual mode is basically just a shape appearing over the buttons, and then blinking on/off with the same colour as the background, so it give the impression of a flashing lamp. And the button goes over the whole thing so it actually triggers when touching the lamp (I have lost count of how often I have inadvertently left the button under the lamp.........and then wondered why it wasn't working :-1)

The variables can be set up to either be taken from a structure, individual booleans or a combination of both.

The only catch with using an IAG, is should you use them in your HMI program, and then decide to adjust the IAG, the don't update in the HMI project. The new version needs to be imported into the HMI project, and then all the instances need to be manually replaced. Somewhat painful if you have a lot of instances. Moral of the story, get it right before using it lots :dance:

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