FX2N-20MR chinese semi-clon of a Mitsubishi PLC and SCADA

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Dear all,

I have a FX2N-20MR chinese semi-clon of a Mitsubishi PLC. It has only a serial DB9 port that cannot be removed or exchanged (which is possible in the Mitsubishi original PLC). I wonder if I can make a simple SCADA system using that port and just one computer.

I am reading this post: https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/9653-fx-series-and-modbus/

And I am wondering how I can do what it is suggested there in the second message:  to use a free FB block, available in GX IEC (but not in GX Developer), which will communicate modbus via a standard RS232 BD board. Later on it mentions a library called ModbSFX. That message is from 15 years ago so I am wondering if now there is some other way to do it, perhaps some other software has that functionality? I don't have GX IEC.

I am a student trying to make a project so I would like a cheap and simple solution. Any help to do so will be very welcome.



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The 232BD was an option board used to expand the PLC with a serial port, as the only port built in was for programming.  I doubt those old GX IEC function blocks would even recognize this on a cloned device.

Sounds like a better question for the manufacturer of your device.

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Thanks for the reply. I couldn't find who is the manufacturer, there is no information as to make a semi-clon violates several patents. I contacted the few sellers that are offering this product but I had no luck. 

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