Micrologix 1000 Fault Problem

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Would someone be so kind as to document a method to clear a fault on a Micrologix 1000.

Does one need programming cable and software or is there another method to clear a fault to see if it returns?



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Dear wizard.

Thank you for your reply. 

However, I'm still lost, How does one physically perform an "F10" on that PLC,  Micrologix 1000

I see no means of interface other than the round pin connector, no buttons, ??

The device is not networked.

Is there something I need to toggle or shunt etc?

See image Below.

I have a programming cable  and was able to obtain RSLinx_classic software.

Is there another method to perform an F10 without software and cable?


Is any other software required?






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I'm not sure whether F10 still applies or if that was older software.  The steps prior to that - Monitor S:6 to determine the fault - will require getting online with the software.   RSLinx is the communications interface, but you will need RSLogix500 in order to get online and view the program and check that status word.  RSLogix500 talks to RSLinx which talks to the PLC.  For the Micro 1000 there used to be a freebie package available.  It used to be posted on this forum.

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