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Hello everyone

Im updating a HMI with GT designer, the problem occurs sometimes when i try to save the new changes it display the pop up notification that i have attached, therefore i cannot save my changes and i must start over, what is pretty frustating because once i do it again and save it there is no problem. 

Does anybody know if im doing something wrong?

the application was created with melsoft Navigator, what it seems to me being the problem

not a fan of mitsubishi...

Thank you in advance


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That dialog sometimes means the path name or file name is not valid... Try saving your project to a shorter path, like the desktop.

If that's not it, look at each of the causes it gives you on that dialog and figure out which one it is.  It could be accessing a network drive, no rights to save to that directory, or a variety of other things.

The dialog is pretty clear what things you should be checking.

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I believe if the programs are linked to a navigator file, you should first open navigator, and then open the HMI from there. It might be upset if you open the HMI file directly because navigator has the files linked.

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