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Hello Guys!

I have couple of questions about tuning an ab servo motor.

-Actually what does the drive or plc doing when I launch a servo auto tuning? 

- What are the little boxes like position error integrator ? There are checkmarks in fornt of the lines. Can I choose the methode or something? I mean its not "auto" ? Why it is auto then ?

- Can someone send me some basic literature where they explain me what these stuff acutally meaning ? 

- What is the hook up test what for is good ? 

-When you are doing a servo auto tune what are the parameters that you are monitoring and why ? 

-I should do the auto without or with load ? Whats the difference ?

I know there are so many question I would be so grateful if someone could help me with these answears, or even just with one. Thanks again. 

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Auto-tuning is the process of introducing a new motor to a drive. It typically only needs to be done on new installations, or when a motor is damaged and needs to be replaced. Most rotating auto-tune functions will energize the motor for a few seconds without rotating it, accelerate the motor to something below its nameplate rated speed, decelerate to energized but not moving again (ramp to hold), and then announce, if it's a good tune, that auto-tuning is complete. 

The reason for this is that every motor has its own "finger print", and auto-tuning allows the drive to become more familiar with that particular motor. Once auto-tuning is completed, the drive and motor will run more efficiently together, and presumably last longer. You don't need to monitor or change any parameters during this process; just let it run. Personally, I prefer to run the auto-tuned without the motor being coupled to the load. Some drives will offer coupled (inertial) tunes, while other may require uncoupled (rotational) tunes. But you should never have process material in the system if you do a coupled auto-tune.

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Unfortunately the motion terminology is different from stand alone vfds. Auto tuning on a servo drive is an inertia tune. The hookup tests are the motor characteristics 

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