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Using FTV Studio ME v11.

I'm building FTVME app with global displays with placeholders to be replaced via parameter files to call the correct tags and hopefully text strings to a simple text object.

Couple of questions:

Can a parameter file pass a "local" tag or is it only "controller scope" tags?  If so, then what is an example of the definition in the parameter file?

Answer (supplied by an associate of mine) #1 = Program:MainProgram.IOLIO_07_AOI.I.0 and in the graphic object use the following {::[PLC]#1} where [PLC] is your device shortcut name.  I got to this syntax through a clever suggestion.  When tagging the graphic object connection, selected tag, went to either the offline or online folder and drilled down to the local tag.

Can a parameter file pass a literal string (not a string tag) to an text object with a placeholder?  If so, what is the secret sauce on how to configure in the parameter file?  I'm aware I could create string tags and populate them with the literal string, but I'm talking about thousands of string tags would be required.  Still looking for help on this.

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Parameter file can only pass local or plc tags. It cannot pass value, only tag, so you will need to create string tag if you wants to assign string to parameters. The syntax to use parameter in your object is #1 you don't have to add {::[PLC} and } at the end. 


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Thanks SLC, that's what I did.

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