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Hello, i need more information about possibility to connect a LC28 CPU with OpenVPN with Mikrotik.

I checked tecnical information about TCP port and i wrote the NAT routes on the Mikrotik. I saw a little exchange of bit over 1217 and 1105 ports, but my Somachine (installed over VM) coudn't connect with PLC. 

Everything works fine with a local connection.

We haven't any problem with other PLCs and our VPNs (Siemens, B&R, Mitsubishi).

Someone have more information about TCP/UDP ports about Somachine protocoll ?

Best regards, Ennio

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Depending on which protocol is supported by which PLC, this is a list of ports usually used:

- 502 (Modbus TCP) 
- 8080 
- 1105 and 1217 (SoMachine protocol) 
- 21 (FTP) 
- 161 (SNMP) 


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