Replace 1747-L542/C CPU with L542/A CPU

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Dear all,

I have an Allen Bradley Control panel with SLC L542C 5/04 CPU, it is used to control an RO water desalination unit, unfortunately the CPU has a fetal Fault and need to be replaced, the only available one is 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU, the problem is when downloading the PLC Program to the new CPU, using RSLogix 500, it failed due to smaller memory of A series CPU 24K while the C series CPU was 32K, is there any way to reduce the program size to be used with 1747-L542A 5/04 CPU? what is a proper way to get the new CPU run with the control program? Thank you all in advance.

CPU Ro2 Download 24bit.jpg

After try download errors.jpg

Program Properties.jpg

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Posted (edited)

You could try to examine every data table for usage and attempt to reduce their size.  Best of luck.

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