After replacing PowerFlex 70, the HIM is blind???

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Hi, guys, how are you?

We had one PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 1 AYYNNN  Ser A) with HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A). They worked well.

Today that PowerFlex 70 was defective, so we installed a new one (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A).

We do not change the HIM, because we tested it on another PF 70 and it’s functional.

But after we put the HIM (20-HIM-A1  SERIES A) on new PowerFlex 70 (20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO  Ser A). That HIM is blind/no display after powered up.

Could you give us a help to figure out what the problem is?


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So the HIM works on an existing drive, but not the new one, and doesn't even appear to have power when installed on the new one?

I can't seem to match either of those drive catalog numbers exactly but in this string,  20A E 2P7 A 0 AYNNNCO, that 0 means "Blank face".   That could mean this drive is not equipped to support a HIM. 

The HIM cradle has a small four to six conductor cable that plugs directly into the drive, usually at the main control board. Remove the HIM and take the front cover off the drive to see that the HIM cradle is properly plugged into the drive. The cable is likely unplugged, damaged, or non-existent.  

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All powerflex 70s can use 20 him -xx. Even new A6 hims. Blank face is just a blank plate that comes with the drive as a place holder. If the him is not backlit then the power from the mcb is not powering the him. Are you using port 1 on the drive or a remote him? If the him is backlit but not logging in, make sure it it at the latest fw or flash the 70 back to the one replaced

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