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Using HOURM as Retentive Counter

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Hello Guys, 

is someone using HOURM as a Retentive Counter ? I Tried it but i have no success.

like this one:

HOURM( Betriebsstundenzaehler_ein , 700, Betriebsstundenzaehler , Platzhalter1 );

I'm using FX5U.

Our old Programm was written in Ladder.




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Hello Levent,

this should work, but make sure that you reserve space for two 16bit devices, as d1 and also d1+1 are used, as described in the processing details on page 793 of the FX5 Programming manual (

you should have a look at the declaration of the label 'Betriebsstundenzaehler', either assign a latched 16bit device (if declraed als global label) or
set it to be an array of 2 elements if specified as a local label. In the second case you should use 'Betriebsstunndenzaehler[0]' for d1.

Also you should be sure to handle the case, that the maximum 16bit value is reached witch will happen after about 7.5 years (65535/ (360days x 24h)), this is the reason we
normaly don't use the 'hour_m' function and implement the operating hour counter by ourselve using an unsigned double word (32bit).

hope this helps

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