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Compactlogix to Wipotec OCS HC-M Checkweigher

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Hi All 

i am wondering if anyone here has successfully managed to connect there Rockwell Compactlogix or Controllogix PLC to a Wipotec OCS checkweigher via EtherNetIP.

Our company purchased this checkweigher and optioned for the embedded EtherNetIP communication module. 

Unfortunately i am struggling to understand the manual they supplied and i am unable to get hold of the EDS file anywhere. 

I can see the checkweigher in RSLINX with the yellow question mark, the Device Properties stated as below. 

Device Name : Wipotec

Vendor : 9999 

Product Type : 43

Product Code: 1.002

Serial Number: 0089A76

EDS File Name: 270F002B00C801XX.EDS


Does this mean that the EDS file has already been uploaded somehow and is already on my PC?

I dont have the option to "upload EDS file from device"

If anyone has any code or any documentation they used it would help a lot. 

I have connected compactlogix using EtherNetIP to multiple vendors in the past with no issues, it is only this vendor that i am struggling with. 

Thank you 



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Yes i have thank you. I have been in contact with their Australian agent however i have only received the EtherNetIP Manual (Which i believe is missing a few key pieces of information). 

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Most EIP manuals will describe the method of adding the device to your project.  This involves either an AOP (Add On Profile) or instantiation of a Generic Ethernet Module.  It should describe the input, output and configuration assemblies with address, length and datatype.  They told you the eds file name.  Google it to see if there is a download.  Then use the EDS registration tool for RSLinx.  After a reboot, RSLinx should change the yellow question mark to an icon of the vendor choosing.

Back in the project, you'll know if you are communicating by looking in the IO Tree.  Highlighting it should show if there are any errors.  The errors generally come from a mismatch between the configuration of the device and the PLC Generic Ethernet Module or AOP.  It is quite possible that both sides need to be configured. 

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