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I am new to HMI design and am having trouble showing/hiding text in GT designer3 (GOT2000). For buttons i have used the trigger tab which works great and I saw somewhere that a Script could be used too, but the Text element have none of those available. I have consulted the manual without any luck and haven't been able to find a solution on the web either. Is there some workaround/other element which should be used?

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Hi salmonfish,

texts are texts and cant be changed.

You can use a "Simple Comment Display" or a "Bit comment" or a "Word comment" field.Depending on the application.

The text can change in row and column (column by changing the language)

Best regards

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You do not need to use scripts. You need to convert the regular text to comment. this can quickly be done for all texts on the page using the databrowser and the property window.
Now you will manualy need to change the simple comments to Bit comment or Word comment.
Now the shown text or none will be determined by the status of the device linked.
Alternatively you can then also use the hide function on the trigger tab 

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