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If a module is inhibited, can I make configuration changes while the module is in the REM mode?

or do I still need to put the module in the programmable mode before any configuration changes?



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I would expect this answer to be module specific and found in the manual for that module.

By the way do you have a specific module in mind?

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@BobLfoot is correct that there may be some differences between various modules. That said, while online and whether or not inhibited, most I/O cards will not allow to make changes to the following configuration settings:

  • Major firmware revision
  • Connection Type
  • Slot number

Names and descriptions are (in my experience) always changeable whether or not the card is inhibited. Most I/O diagnostic configuration settings are also changeable whether or not the module is inhibited. I have never had to place a controller in program mode to reconfigure an I/O or communication card.

However, many GuardLogix and other safety devices do have a "program mode" feature that prohibits any changes whatsoever unless that card or module is taken out of run mode, and placed in program mode. The changes take effect when that parameter is switched back to run mode.

Hope this helps.

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