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Hello guys,

I'm a new guy with Panel View 800 and I have few questions from beginning. I have an application 2x PV800 4" and 1x CompactLogix L24ER.This application require recipe management and I've found that PV800 has weird-different representation of recipe management. I can't figure out how to add additional recipe to the recipe list. Usually I can add new blank recipe without any extra steps, but it's not "add recipe" buttons. I'm looking an answer for next questions:

- how to add new blank recipe my template that I made ( picture -

- how to get currently loaded recipe name? I have assigned status tag, but it always shows me a number. I didn't find any sort of system tags with selected recipe.

- I have installed CCW software v.12. It allows me to create a project with PV800 FW 5.011, but I got a panel with default FW 5.013. How can I add new firmware version into my CCW software?

I found AB video about PV800 and recipe ( but it useless without an example file.


Thank you in advance!



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figured out. If somebody interesting in:

Recipe on PV800:

You can create new recipes only from CCW software.

Load L5X v.>31:

Open *.L5X in any NotePad editors. Find SoftwareRevision and change value to SoftwareRevision="31.00".

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