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I am looking for e-learning or preferably classroom training which will enable me to better understand what I am doing when I am setting up statix switches. Things like VLAN, PTP, DLR and so forth. 

I guess training for the 200-601 IMINS2 certification would have been good to take, but unfortunately Cisco retired it. Everything I can find now seems to be way to bradly based (Cisco ccna) or way to basic (rockwell training).

Any recommendations besides reading white papers and stuff? Not saying that would be a bad thing, but my manager wants me to take a class.


Thanks in advance!

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This is a Rockwell course for EtherNet and Stratix switches.


As you already said, it's a little basic for someone who already has a grasp of how EtherNet works but if you're new to Stratix, this is a great introduction to the Allen Bradley managed switches. Also, you can ask about anything that's not officially on the curriculum and the instructors will usually take a minute to answer.

Currently this does not appear to be offered on their e-learning platform, but there is a virtual instructor-lead training event (they use Microsoft Teams) beginning on the week of May 10.The advantage of the VILT classes is they do something each day after the scheduled class time called "office hours", where the students are allowed to ask more thorough (and sometimes off-topic) questions.

Otherwise, if you're already a network magician who knows your way around a Stratix and just want to know about what features are available for setting up VLANs, etc, I always go to the release notes on the individual products.

Hope this helps.


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Funny I read your post yesterday and thought, "I don't know of a course to recommend" because for the past 30+ years I've read books, white papers and learned from peers.  Then @ElectronGuru made his excellent suggestion and it occurred to me.  Check with you local Rockwell Distributor's tech support folks.  In addition to the RA class already mentioned there might be a local tech school or seminar that the distributor is aware of.  I'd be prepared for a virtual class given the "state of the world".

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