Beckhoff Twincat 3 Modbus RTU setup help wanted

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Hi all,

New to the forum. I've been pretty much able to do the things I wanted with Beckhoff, but now I'm finally running into a problem I can't seem to solve alone.

I'm trying to set-up Modbus RTU RS485 communication in Twincat3, using an EL6021. I've implemented a sample program from the Beckhoff website, but can't get it to work. I've got the feeling I need to properly set up the EL6021 but most information on the Beckhoff website is about the KL-series IO. Does anybody have experience with this?

The strange thing is that, when I enable the function to read some slave's registers, BUSY is set and remains set. No timeout is triggered. I don't have a slave connected yet but I would at least expect to see something on the output of the terminal, and then a timeout. I've bridged TxD+ and RxD+, and TxD- and RxD- and set 8000:06 of the EL6021 TRUE, half duplex mode enabled). A scope connected to TxD+ and TxD- shows nothing.

Code added below. I've added a GVL called 'Variable_Configuration' with the following:

    Main.MB.InData AT %IB0 : MB_KL6inData5B;
    Main.MB.OutData AT %QB0 : MB_KL6outData5B;

And then the MAIN:

    bIoSyncMaster AT %I* : BOOL;
    MB : ModbusRTUmaster_KL6x5B;
    MBLedDriver : ARRAY[1..10] OF WORD;
    tmpExecute : BOOL;
    bError : BOOL;
    bBusy : BOOL;
    iErrorId: MODBUS_ERRORS;
    iNoDatByteRead: UINT;
    count: INT;
    freebyte: INT;
    TxError: INT;
    TxBlocked: BOOL;

    UnitID:= 41,
    Quantity:= 4,
    MBAddr:= 16#0020,
    cbLength:= SIZEOF(MBLedDriver),
    pMemoryAddr:= ADR(MBLedDriver),
    Execute:= tmpExecute,
    Timeout:= T#5S ,
    BUSY=> bBusy,
    Error=> bError,
    ErrorId=> iErrorId,
    cbRead=> iNoDatByteRead);

count := MB.MBMaster.com.Buffer.Tx.count;
freebyte := MB.MBMaster.com.Buffer.Tx.FreeByte;
TxError := MB.MBMaster.com.Buffer.Tx.Error;
TxBlocked := MB.MBMaster.com.Buffer.Tx.Blocked;




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Hello, i have a problem like this. Have you fixed it?

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Yes. The hardware I got from Ebay was broken. With new hardware it worked.

What is your problem?

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