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I am searching the RA Site, but thought a quick post might also yield some insight.

I have a Version 17 ControlLogix L61 CPU with 1756-ENBT/A version 4 Ethernet Card.

The system is dropping communications with it's SCADA System {Archestra Wonderware 2014 R2}

I started by going to the ENBT Web Page and looking at statistics for a "smoking gun".

I think I have found some things that might be worth investegating, but am not 100% sure of what they mean.

The Diagnostic Overview shows 9/128 CIP Connections and 24/64 TCP Connections so nothing worrisome there.

However, the Diagnostic Overview also shows CIP Conn Timeouts growing at the rate of 8 per minute.  - Possible Something!!

The ethernet statistics page is where things start to get interesting.  In Errors and FCS Errors are growing at the rate of 4-6 per minute.  I have no Idea what an FCS error is? ANYONE?

I'm wondering if I need to check the PLC program for some message instructions in error state?


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V17 is "vintage" :) 

We started with ENBT/A's about 10 years ago and about a year into a 3 year long project with 53 PLC's, etc, blah blah the rep strongly suggested moving to EN2T's, which we did. It was a good move. The odd comm issues that were "fixed" by sending a tech out at 2am to unplug the ENBT and plug it back in vanished. Your CIP timeouts error growing situation tweaked a memory of diagnostic checks that I did trying to find the issue and I believe that was the same issue we could see but didn't know what to do to fix it other than pulling the card, wait x seconds, and plug it back in. Not a great plan...

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