Panelview Plus 1250 Discrete Output?

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I have a Panel view plus 1250 here that is being used to remotely monitor a water/utility process.  There are numerous alarms and warnings that pop-up to help the operator, but over time the operators have began ignoring them because "most of the time", they are non-critical or they pop-up during a routine water change.  There are also times that a critical warning or alarm occurs and by the time the operator realizes this it is too late/line goes down.  

The HMI is a couple hundred feet away from the PLC.  I want to add a fault light on top of the HMI enclosure that will only turn on for critical alarms/warnings.  Is there an easier, cost effective way to do this  besides wiring between the PLC and HMI?  The wiring itself isn't a problem, just getting above and around equipment between them.

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I'm not aware of any way for a PV+ to control I/O itself. If you're using Ethernet to connect the HMI to the PLC, you can add a block I/O of some kind in the HMI enclosure. Something like an Armor Block for Rockwell, or similar from Turck or another vendor. There are a bunch out there. I remember prototyping one from Turck that was fairly easy to integrate and not too expensive.

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